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Monday, November 9, 2015

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream Review

Hi Ladies!
This is my first review and I want to tell you guys about Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream that my aunty who lives in Australia gave me this. As we know, Australis is a cosmetic brand from Australia. I want to give you review about the Matte Lip Cream from some aspect like the texture, packaging, price, scent, and endurance. This time, my review is for shade Doo-bai which is really deep red-purple-ish color. Okay, here we gooo.

1. Packaging
First, about the packaging. The packaging is really simple just like the other matte lip cream or lip gloss with height 10.6 cm and the diameter is 1.5 cm which is not too big and not too small that you can bring the lip cream in your bag. The color of the packaging is black in the top and transparent with 'lil bit cute lace for the list. The contents of the bottle is 10ml. This is the product looks like.

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream Shade Doo-bai.

2. Texture and Applicator
Australis Velourlips has thick texture that really looks like cream. And when you swatch in your lips, the color really comes out. It's really pigmented.
The applicator is just like the other matte lip cream and lip gloss.

The Swatch of Shade Doo-bai
The Texture and Applicator Looks Like

3. Scent
This product has reaaaaallly really really good scent that I really loveee which is like grape candy or something like that. Oh my god! You guys have to smell this scent!! Really love the smell!!

4. Endurance
Wow this Australis Velourlips has really long endurance. I think, it's not good because when you want to remove it, you have to remove with makeup or lip remover with oil based. And when you eat something, it will removed like cracking.

 My Lips Before Using the Product
 My Lips When Using the Product
 And This Photo After I'm Trying to Remove the Product with Baby Wipes.....
6. Shade
Actually, they come with so many shade but, for Asian or Indonesian skin I think the color is not to wearable because it comes with soooo bright colors. And Actually, I have 3 of them, buuuut I forgot where did I put that 3 other and I can't found them :(( The other 3 shade that I have is on the shade Hon-o-loo-loo that bright nude pink (like I said, even it is nude, it still looks so bright), Mi-a-mee that pink-orange color which is so cute, and Noo-d Fighters that is really brown color with glitters which is I don't like.

5. Price
I think the price is quite affordable. Because this brand haven't come in Indonesia yet, so you have to find in online show that usually the price is about Rp 150.000 - Rp 200.000. 

Okay thats all the review and this is the summary.
1. Really pigmented 
2. Cute packaging
3. So many shades
4. The price is quite affordable
5. Really good scent which I really love!!
6. Really good matte finish in your lips
1. Not wearable for tan skin for everyday look
2. So hard to remove

That's all about the review of Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream shade Doo-bai. I hope it helpful and I hope you like my review! And I need you to comment down bellow so I can improve myself to write in this blog and don't forget to share :D

Byeee Ladies! Muaaah!

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